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"Possibility and promise greet me each day as I walk out into my garden. My vigor is renewed when I breathe in the earthiness and feel the dirt between my fingers. My garden is a peaceful spot to refresh my soul." Meems

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Got a Package, People

miss muffet caladiums

it might be an addiction... i'm not quite certain. every year i mail-order a few hundred caladium bulbs in several varieties. the variety featured in the bottom photo is "white queen" and the one in the top photo is named "miss muffet". this one is my current favorite. it has a lime green leaf with deep purple speckles throughout.
all caladiums are great in the hot, humid area of Florida i live in because they will do well through the stressful heat of July and August. another fabulous thing about caladium bulbs is that when left in the ground they will re-bloom each year if left undisturbed. i tend to disturb most of mine once they have finished their season as i plant something for fall and winter on top of where they are.
this year i have already planted over 200 of these beauties in various colors and sizes. just a few days ago, it occurred to me i needed some more to fill in a few spots around the garden. it is so easy. i just log on to and a few clicks later, i have made my choices and they are on their way to me. today when i got home from work... there they were... two new packages at my front door full of 150 more bulbs for me to get very excited about.
these wonderful summer bloomers do very well in pots as well. i typically tuck a few in and around existing plants in my pots. it is a thrill to watch as they barely pop out of the ground and then in no time their entire heart-shaped leaf is clustered together with others producing an exciting display of color.
caladiums would be an easy way for even a novice to enjoy gardening. you just can't go wrong with them.


  1. novice gardener...that would be me, unless there's a notch below that level (maybe a couple notches below).

    before i owned my own home, i dreamed of what i'd plant and do in the garden once i did...i imagined lots of gorgeous purple species everywhere.

    and, there's no color, only green. i uprooted all the previous owner's hodgepodge flowers and never got around to replacing them with my picks. now i'm too busy tending to another gorgeous growing thing (he's not purple though) to even go pull weeds. alas.

  2. you are growing the MOST important thing. there will be time eventually to plant purple assortments wherever you want them.

    you must know something about how to grow things because your cutie-wootie is growing very fast.

  3. I have been debating about whether to chime in or not. First I understand about being a couple of notches below novice gardener. That is me.

    As I read about your package at your front door, I was sent back to a couple of months ago as I opened a package that had mine name on it only to find it contained a stump. I am assuming that you were more excited about your bulbs than I was about my stump. You should have seen my face.

    Now that stump look more like a deer, as two branches have sprouted that give an anteler like appearance. It also looks like several other branches will emerge in the next several weeks.

    Maybe some day I will devote a whole blog entry to Stumpy!

  4. you are going to have the most vibrant and colorful blog i've ever seen. i'm 100% jealous!

  5. jane,
    happy you decided to chime in. i'm excited to hear about the progress of your 'stump'. you might have graduated from below novice status with those green things now growing out of your stump. it's a start.

    i keep picturing something like a larger version of 'chia' pet.


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